Video: South Island Summer Sessions feat. Andrew Clark

Enjoying some of the most iconic mountain bike terrain on the planet, New Zealand's South Island is also a home away from home for many riders and long-standing ex-pats, venturing from afar to this treasure trove of trails on the other side of the world. One such transplant to this mecca of mountain biking is Andrew Clark. Originally from Scotland, Andrew has spent the last few years travelling and sampling some of the best trails in the world, spending much of that time in and around Queenstown.

Part of a new wave of riders, inspired by the skate and BMX scenes - applying a creative lens to their riding and how they interpret the trail - Andrew takes us on a whistle-stop tour of some of the South Island's finest haunts. Filmed during the Southern Hemisphere's summer, Andrew and filmmaker Josh Birkenhake hit the Cardona Bike Park, Skyline Queenstown, and the infamous Zoot Track, on Coronet Peak.

"Since my family moved to New Zealand, the South Island has felt like home. The relaxed pace of life and unreal riding makes it a pretty rad place to spend a summer." -Andrew Clark


Rider: Andrew Clark
Bike: Forbidden Dreadnought, size Large - Andrew is 6'3" for reference
Video & photography: Hold Tight Visuals // Josh Birkenhake
Music: 'Drugstore Supplies' by Dead Ghosts
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